Marriage Preparation Program

We consider marriage to be one of the happiest and most anticipated events in our lives. This is the beginning of a new life, the creation of a new family... But the first thing associated with marriage is preparation for the wedding.

Everyone wants this special day to go as well as possible. We, together with our parents and the whole family, our partner, and friends, will definitely make sure that our wedding is organized as luxuriously as possible. We will think through every detail, every little thing, we will not spare money for high-quality photos and videos, a luxurious feast, good music... We will not spare time to find the most exquisite dress and suit, flowers, jewellery and accessories.

And often already in the temple, young people realize that marriages are created in heaven, and not in wedding salons. Saying "yes" to each other and making a promise before God somehow seems creepy and scary.

The question arises: Are those who join it ready for family life?

People get married today for various reasons. Someone thinks that it is "time", someone is inspired by their parents - they say, we want grandchildren! Some people, unfortunately, are simply impressed by the financial situation of their chosen one or chosen one. And only that marriage, which was motivated by true sincere love, will be able to overcome all difficulties in the future and preserve warm feelings, become a reliable foundation for a strong and friendly family.

The Church comes to the aid of brides today. Sanctity and inseparability, the spiritual good of the spouses require appropriate preparation for this sacrament. Therefore, according to Church Law, it is mandatory for the bride and groom to participate in the premarital preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The spiritual, intellectual and psychological preparation of candidates for the reception of the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony is extremely important, and that is why we suggest that you prepare well for the Sacrament of Matrimony.

10 meetings with brides

Blocks of topics for each meeting:

  1.      Who is man as the image of God. What it means to be human. "Male and female created he them": the gift and task of sexuality. What it means to be a Christian: graces, tasks, requirements. The family is the home Church. The Sacrament of Marriage: personal, spiritual and social aspects.

  2.      Canonical Aspects of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Unity and inseparability of spouses. Marriage bed.

  3.      Moral aspects of childbirth. Moral aspects of marriage. Basic responsibilities of friends. Some differences between men and women.

  4.      How to understand your husband? How to understand your wife? Seven traits of matrimonial maturity. Eight examples of how a husband hurts his wife. There are a hundred ways to show a man's love for his wife.

  5.      Contraception and marriage: moral dimension. The terrible truth about contraception.

  6.      What is an embryo? Prenatal diagnostics: moral assessment of use. Abortion: types, varieties, moral assessment.

  7.      Natural family planning. Responsible upbringing of children in the family.

  8.      The phenomenon of infertility: causes, types, treatment, adoption of children. Modern reproductive technologies, surrogate motherhood, cloning, stem cells (moral assessment).

  9.      Addiction in the family: alcoholism, drug addiction, tobacco smoking, gambling, etc. Mercy (mutual forgiveness) in the family.

  10.      Practical familiarization with the texts of "THE WEDDING CEREMONY": questions, advice, etc.

Marriage Preparation Program materials

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